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Removals Check List

Moving house can be a time-consuming and an exhausting job. That is why we have worked hard to design and provide a complete hassle-free service.

Here are a few useful tips that will help you make life even easier!

How to start

Go to your local Post Office and get a Change-of-Address Kit to notify:

  • Friends
  • Financial organizations
  • Insurance companies
  • Doctors & dentists – transfer drug prescriptions
  • Cancel local newspaper delivery

Prepare separate lists of items that want/do not want to move
There are various ways to get rid of items you do not intend to use: sell on Ebay, donate, organize a garage sale.

Arrange picking up your important records:

  • Birth, Legal
  • Doctor, Dentist, Optician
  • School
  • Veterinarian

Get in touch with your children's current as well as new school to sort out all necessary arrangements.

Order packing materials or book our complete Box Delivery & Packing Service.

Most commonly used supplies include:

  • Standard (book), medium and large boxes
  • Wardrobe cartons
  • White packing paper
  • Bubble wrap
  • Brown PVC tape
  • Markers for labelling boxes (different colours make it easier)

Two weeks prior to the removal

Collect all important personal documentation in one place:

  • Passports, Marriage license, Birth certificates
  • Insurance papers, Bank records, Tax records, Mortgage records
  • Vehicle titles
  • School records
  • Medical records

Contact utility companies to disconnect services.
Provide them with your new address to send their final bill there. Discuss arrangements for your new property.

Arrange an End Of Tenancy cleaning for your current property and Pre-tenancy cleaning for your new home if necessary.
Please note that our Cleaning Department can organize a guaranteed service for you at preferential rates.

Check with your insurance company about transferring coverage to your new home.

If you have decided to do the packing yourself, this is a good moment to start.
Mark boxes clearly as to contents and room. Use different colour markers for the different rooms.

One week before the move

  • Plan what goes in the car with you.
  • Make travel arrangements for your pets.
  • Have your car checked up.

One day left – do not panic

  • Defrost and clean your fridge/freezer.
  • Clean your stove and other appliances that will be moved.
  • If you have agreed to arrange the payment for the removal service in cash, make sure that you visit a cash machine if necessary.
  • Take down curtains and curtain rods.

The Day

  • Remove all bedding and make sure all furniture items are ready to go into the van.
  • Look around together with our removal technicians and inform them which items are going, and which need to stay.
  • Keep your keys in your pocket/purse – we do not want them to get lost among other items.
  • Take a final look around.
  • Make sure all windows and doors are locked.
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Don't forget to arrange parking space for our van on both the property you're moving from as well as the new one. Please consider the access throughout the property. Is every piece of furniture going to pass through doorways and stairs? Don't overfill boxes with books. They become too heavy. Instead use smaller sized boxes.

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